How would you feel? What would you say?



So you want to know some information about what I briefly mentioned in our last discussion..




I wanted to ask you a question…


Do you want to work for someone else/ perhaps even yourself




Do you want to fulfil someone else’s dreams?


Let me dig deeper….


Before I got into this field of work I had various jobs,


These involved putting in over 60 hours a week to build someone else’s dreams…


To fund their lifestyle…


To pay for THEIR car …their new house bought without a mortgage for CASH….


They were eating out every night and enjoying life…


They enjoyed their job and their life. Life for these kind of people is hard to come by.


Don’t you think?


I mean can you really work for say 20/30 hours a week…


Have a 3 day working week and yet still maintain a vast living and well…let your HAIR DOWn without having to worry about where your going to find the next $10 for to put in the car so you don’t run out of fuel.


Has this ever happened to you?


It’s happened to me.


On several times,


Luckily enough the car was a petrol car and not Diesel !


Do you want to keep working for someone else OR…


Are you ready to change your mind FROM…







It’s really up to you.


I am not trying to make the choice for you.


Only you can do that.


You do need to understand that there is a few steps involved in this new process.


Step 1) Tell me WHY you want to change your lifestyle.


Leave me a comment here:


Step 2) I will give you the answers to your WHY’s.


Step 3) I will help you make money.

Understand I have 6 kids to tend to so my time is very precious and limited and I use any free time very wisely.


Step 4) I will send you to a few places to get the tools you need.


Tool no 1:


Understand there will be a few costs along the way but I will keep these as low as possible as I understand what it is like starting a business on a budget.


Are you ready?




P.S Never give up on your dreams watch this:

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